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34 - Meanwhile...
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34 - Meanwhile...
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and then it suddenly seemed like a great idea - 31 Jul 2005 05:58 am

It is common for people to laugh when I say how many regular readers I think the comic has (around 100? Hopefully?). I suppose promoting this couldn't hurt things, but I'd really rather draw it. A few friends comment on my work reliably. I've, evidently, been toying around with different styles for the comic, and any judgements as to where that should lead seem to've been withheld. I consider myself immensely lucky.

This weekend featured some delightful Final Friday love at Mill's End. Two Piece Advantage, Ocean Floor, and Rocketline rocked folks rather deliciously. Live art and sexy music mean that it'd be a rather good idea on your part to come next final Friday.

I briefly considered waiting until tomorrow morning before starting this. Shame!

-Tyrus Peace


Spatial shift - 06 Aug 2005 06:08 am

I'm moving Saturday (which is, by chance, also today), so the comic may well be late if I do not get things plugged into other things as would be necessary to finish. We will see.

-Tyrus Peace


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