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35 - Just like that
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35 - Just like that
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My clock was set two days late. Or three. - 10 Aug 2005 02:53 am

[edit: I made the shiny bits blue for increased visibility and general prettiness. Refresh if you don't see it.]

Flaming pile of goo

That was my first time missing a Sunday update while the site was online. Moving was a very trying beast. Today was free of such loathsome tasks and so I drew this comic and cooked some dumb things.

bacon pancake
Bacon pancake is huge and ugly, but it still loves me.

eggs and salad
There ain't much that's more manly than a pretty salad.

pants shirt

People mentioned wanting pants shirts, and I am willing to modify existing shirts from your wardrobe if e-mailed about it with promises of moderate payment and forgiveness for destroying your clothing.

Earlier this week I was partaking of comidas at YC's Mongolian Barbecue. There was a man wearing a shirt which said "I AM" on the front, and "SATANS WORST NIGHTMARE" on the back. His skills at the serving of soft serve ice cream were unparalleled and unsettling. The swirls were arranged in such a fashion that the Babellian tower of ice cream appeared to have one side composed entirely of vanilla and another solely built of chocolate. It seems entirely probable to me that ol' blue tongue's dreams might be lain asunder by such terrific accomplishments.

-Tyrus Peace


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