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33 - A Gentleman's Game
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33 - A Gentleman's Game
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5mm UV LED - 24 Jul 2005 08:19 am


My mother, after having oral surgery, informed me that she had band-aids inside her mouth. Man on the moon be damned. Band-aids in the mouth are the most incredible conquest of science I have known.

I am ashamed to admit that I still haven't finished the second Chinese buffet review. My weekly productive free time seems to be suffering from a dreadful entropy.

A rather delightful storm stomped onto the scene by my house, blowing over Orange, a spritely young orange tree who makes its home in a wheeled Fuze cooler which was liberated from an unfulfilling life at a cafe. I hid the fellow in the corner and watched the clouds put out the sun. Photographs were taken, but it was too dark when the roar of the tornado overhead became audible to get any decent shots of that particular phenomena.

[reposted: Posted in sexy GIF form to avoid the terrors of jpeg compression, and to make for sexy small file sizes for this relatively low color count page.]

-Tyrus Peace


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