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28 - They're growing.
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28 - They're growing.
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oh never mind they're dead - 26 Jun 2005 06:25 pm

The sun beat me home today and I caved and got three hours of sleep before finishing coloring the comic.

I am most satisfied with the latest cube plush I've finished from orders at the store. An angel and demon combo are the next to be manufactured in my environmentally unfriendly cube plush factory. Rows of chimneys belch their foul waste into the decreasingly blue sky, and the birds enjoy their last suffocating moments in a whirlwind of hallucinogenic bliss.

The events last night were most satisfying. Rocketline provided sexy rockin' guitar with deliciously ambitious percussive support to provide rather universally appealing musical treats, and hidden deep within the recesses of their super secret hideout, The Coke Balloons rocked out hard enough to kill your grandma. If your grandma has already passed, I imagine she'd rock it zombie style.

The Coke Balloons have one last show this Friday at Borders. I expect apocalyptic death and destruction to be the result of these two opposing forces meeting in such a manner. The gate to hell will burst open in the periodicals section, forcing The Coke Balloons and Borders to join forces to defeat Satan's Secret Service agents, beating them to death with finely illustrated cookbooks and Norah Jones albums. I'd recommend being there.

Also in my festively decorated Hello Kitty day planner is an appointment to see Minus 200's tour kick off show tomorrow night to enjoy some delicious musics and wish them luck on their upcoming tour of the US and Turkey. I am told they will have a shirt design of mine for sale at their merch stand.

I have a feeling I'll be spending more time at Four White Walls and Paisley Violin in the future.


-Tyrus Peace


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