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29 - Spontaneous
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29 - Spontaneous
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403.4 - 03 Jul 2005 07:05 am

I just needed to know where a gas station was. I wished I was downtown instead of in this winding suburbia. I could get directions there. Here the middle-aged man riding his bike at four in the morning was too afraid to give me more than a "hey" before speeding up and leaving my question behind. He glanced at me briefly from the other side of the street on his way back, giving me the same kind of attention the coyotes did. The bushes rustled loudly as I walked by and the trucks blew past my left shoulder at sixty miles per hour while I muttered down the bicycle lane. I just needed a friendly hobo.

The security guard's mouth seemed to get confused when I asked him questions, attempting for an instant to chew the cigarette it had been smoking a moment before.
"They close the pumps at night," he said.

The trip odometer got over four hundred and I started laughing.

I am pleased with this.

It is July, so shipping charges are now totally in vogue. Congratulations to other residents of the US who are enjoying a fat three day Independence Day weekend. It is a thing of bliss and burgers, which, given the right circumstances, can be roughly equivalent terms.

-Tyrus Peace


Let's call it abstract furniture. - 03 Jul 2005 07:20 am

I evidently cannot draw chairs.

-Tyrus Peace


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