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17 - Paid Vacation
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17 - Paid Vacation
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Sketchy at best - 17 Apr 2005 09:20 am

I was honestly planning on merely sketching this for now and waiting 'til rising in the post-morn before coloring it. I must awake early for the birthday of Sir Seth of Pate, though, so a full night's rest was not on my plate for tonight anyhow. People who start their days before noon on weekends without monetary compensation mystify me. Sleep is a delectable feast which I am loathe to throw even the tiniest scrap of to the beggar night.

Some creature of infinite wisdom urinated in front of the public restroom. Such mystifying and odiferous occurences are the hallmark of our magnificent species. The beastly animals may sit about in their shady forest glade, mocking the great effort we put into our seemingly unnecessary civilization while they wear their laurels of fig and wave about their scepters of twig and berry, but we have the pure power of irony on our side. We will always be the victors as they will never be able to make greater mockeries of us than we do of ourselves.

-Tyrus Peace


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