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18 - Tropical Getaway
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18 - Tropical Getaway
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It's far too early to be this late. - 24 Apr 2005 09:32 am

The depths of the night used to be my time to shine. That has somehow changed, and I imagine my strategies which rely on that ought to as well.

The year has blown by, with each week ending slightly sooner than the last. In ten days I will be greeted by gracious finals. The semester is winding up rather than down; a shrill whine is expelled from the bowels of the spring loaded beast as the key is turned again. It seems as though it would have been wise to tie myself down before I started riding this thing.

I had my first full night's sleep in a while the night before last, and so I remembered my first dream in a while. In vividly animated cartoon form, a fellow in a shirt and tie, neither in good condition, pedaled speedily on his white bicycle, fleeing a man in a large, grotesque green motorcycle with the words BUSINESS POLICE emblazoned on its side in yellow. The stylishly helmeted rider of this metal behemoth raised his gun and quickly used it to vaporize the bicyclist. The business policeman and his ride then transformed into a dragonfly man - sans wings and wearing a green suit jacket - riding an unmarked green bicycle and pedaled back to the Business Police station, which stood in green and yellow glory next to the normal police station. The normal police station looked rather drab in comparison.

-Tyrus Peace


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