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97 - Testosterone
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97 - Testosterone
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Some assumptions about giant lizard anatomy have been made. - 25 Oct 2006 09:50 am

My heinous projects got delayed, so I burned a night getting this comic to you, although it is still rather terribly late. This originally started off with some rather boring dinosaur drop kicking, but then this image showed up in my noggin and just wouldn't leave.

I was digging around for a comic by Warren Ellis which I mentioned in the sketch dump a couple months ago and stumbled upon Transmetropolitan #8, which I most heartily recommend giving a read.

Superidol is the comic that I was originally looking for. It, like nearly all of Ellis's output, is magical stuff.

I also beat Cave Story recently. I'm probably a good couple years behind everyone else with this, but that is some damn good sidescrollin'. The weapons and controls add style that challenges the likes of the better Metroids. The cute factor, for me, helps it surpass them. Good job, guy.

Have I told you of Henry Potts? He visited my dormitory on a near daily basis to play Metroid on the old NES I brought to college with me. My roommate and I would leave him unattended in there for hours at a time. It is thanks to him that I have seen metroids and the mother brain. I was not nearly patient enough to put up with the repeated falling down long chutes that my undextrous kindergartner hands doomed me to during my own attempts.

The sun and myself have been up for too long for my writing output to be anything satisfactory. Apologies.

-Tyrus Peace


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