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96 - J2: Jazzment Day
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96 - J2: Jazzment Day
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11.29.06 - 16 Oct 2006 05:19 am

You probably think the name's a joke. Oh, you crazy kids. Also, nebulous run on sentences are more dramatic.

I attempted to fit in a joke about J422 being too unpredictable for his pursuers, with one of them waving its roboty arms whilst haplessly shouting, "The Bayesian networks! They do nothing!" I failed. The lines " 'Is it jazzy?' you ask./Oh, it's the jazziest." met with a similar demise.

You may well notice that it is fully two hours into Monday. Perhaps I will manage a Sunday update on Sunday, or maybe I will move my deadline forward by a day in a dramatic example of laziness and lacking fortitude. We will see.

-Tyrus Peace


Later comic than usual this week - 22 Oct 2006 09:03 pm

I was holding out hope for a comic getting done this weekend, but the project I'm currently working on blew up in my face, so expect it later this week. Holding down on ctrl+z for thirty seconds to get your code into a workable state again is a painful thing.

-Tyrus Peace


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