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74 - Playmates
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74 - Playmates
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My idea of a party is cooking too much food and eating too much food. - 14 May 2006 07:36 am

Someone once told me that comics are supposed to have multiple frames. Ha! What's next? Are people going to say comics should have words?

I drew this 7200 pixels wide with one layer. Huh? Things look kind of small 800 wide, so I've got a double wide image rollin' right 'ere.

Another semester curled up and died last week, adding to the heap of husks representing the more scurrilous months of my life. They lay there rustling in the wind and I am often stricken with the fear that their conglomerate corpses might be reanimated by the last gasping breaths of my years in college.

I'll probably end up like this after graduation.

-Tyrus Peace


I forgot the White Stripes did nice things to my ears. - 14 May 2006 02:37 pm

I can't stop listening to Take Take Take. It's a condition.

-Tyrus Peace


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