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73 - Perhaps with a red shell?
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73 - Perhaps with a red shell?
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It's a good thing Felix didn't wear his overalls. - 07 May 2006 07:49 am

Whenever I do one of these "oh look at that George's crazy ideas!" comics, it of course means that I first came up with the idea and most likely tried to expound its genius upon associates before being discouraged as to its practicality or actual awesomeness. So remember, these comics are the sad corpses of my crushed dreams.

I'm on a Mario stint this week, I guess. I'd actually forgotten drawing a Mario sketch dump earlier, so it was an accident as far as my conscious mind is concerned. I do have an inexplicable craving to watch the Super Mario Brothers movie, though. Little bombs wearing Reeboks and sentient fungus kings? It is the masterpiece of our time.

I definitely signed up for the Hello Kitty Online World mailing list.

-Tyrus Peace


Internet famous - 07 May 2006 08:13 pm

Guess who's the first Google result for bears in biplanes? Oh hell yes.

Launchy's seen a new release, and my lil' skin is added to it? Yay! The combobox is gone from the interface and it's very purty looking now. My skin's alignment's a little off because of the change, but Launchy has definitely gotten a sexiness++.

And people are using my dumb calendar downloading program? Modifying it, even? Slick.

-Tyrus Peace


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