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70 - A Mouse Sings a Song
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70 - A Mouse Sings a Song
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a very large thimble - 09 Apr 2006 06:53 pm

Last week's comic was the start of a story line which I will now dutifully ignore. It was an aberration. Let's chalk it up to illness.

Look ma, a rodent! Everyone's doin' it.

My sleep cycle has somehow migrated too near normality and I can no longer stay up until morning working on the comic. My schedule will change accordingly that your tasty comic treats might not be so delayed in the future. I must say I've noticed that people don't start complaining until my tardiness extends past Monday, though. I will do my part to keep your work days properly enjoyable.

I had a Nevada quarter in my pocket, and I can't really believe I spent it. The thing had a sunburst and ponies. If only all forms of currency could be similarly graced. Dollar bill with dolphins kick flipping over a rainbow? Come on, USA, you can do it!

Okay England, so you started the Serious Organised Crime Agency, and their logo looks like the Thundercats. You're more awesome than us. No need to rub it in.

-Tyrus Peace


oh hey! - 10 Apr 2006 12:17 am

Since I whined about it last week: those peoples that put up Mario question boxes didn't end up getting charged, so yay for sanity! Also, I earlier assumed that the ladies had not hung up their boxes, which has clearly been disproven by pictures recently put up at Posterchild's site. APOLOGIES.

Also, Julie's posting comics again? And they're about a yeti? Score.

-Tyrus Peace


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