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69 - Sidetracked
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69 - Sidetracked
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Excuse me while I regain my motor skills - 03 Apr 2006 01:25 am

I spent much of the weekend in a feverish state, which ended with me spending the larger portion of the afternoon attempting to cool down through various means. Otter Pops, when applied to foreheads, melt far too quickly.

I'm now in a state where my fever seems to have subsided after bothering me for much of the weekend, but my ability to move and think faster than a sedated citrus fruit does not yet seem to've been restored.

April fools did not go by without fooling of some sort. Perhaps we will have documentation of our exploits up in the future. On the topic of April Fools: uptight people suck. Why can't folks just respect question mark boxes happily strewn about town? Perhaps it is necessary to hang the decor for appropriate effect. Or maybe Ohio is just THAT MUCH WORSE than everywhere else. I have no experience with Ohio, so I can't really say.

The Rise of Legends demo runs far better on my machine than it should. Especially since it started itself without asking after I installed it, while I had Photoshop and a hojillion other things open. I only played about half an hour of it, but I'm rather impressed. Things are pretty and whimsical in design. I like the clockwork cities.

Also, look what I found! You can eat gummy worms inside it and, in a startling and delightful turn of events, grow grass. There was a case of these at a Circle K I stopped in with Angie, and they simply had to be purchased. It was obviously necessary to get one with the creepiest face possible.

-Tyrus Peace


sketch dumpery - 03 Apr 2006 01:32 am

I feel an urge to post comic-ish sketch dumps in the newspost when I draw them, but I have a suspicion that the people that don't read the sketch dumps probably don't read the news posts either, so the usefulness of such endeavors eludes me. Anywho:

-Tyrus Peace


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