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56 - Camera batteries
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Eff you composition. - 01 Jan 2006 03:39 pm

Good morning, New Year. How are you?

I occasionally wish that I could make all of the Not Included comics overtly amusing, but I am stricken by the desire to draw these fluffy pictures with pseudo-thoughtful text on occasion and can only hope that you enjoy them.

I've updated the about and links pages for the first time in ages. Points for finding the update in the about page. In terms of links, I'd like to point out Dresden Codak for being a surreal, hilarious and tastefully academic comic. Hate Song gets a shout out for being obscene and hilarious character comedy. Beaver and Steve have certainly been on your (and your grandma's) webcomic reading list for some time now, but their Christmas shenanigans were truly something special.

Upon returning to my apartment I was immediately aware of the overwhelming scent of gummy bears emanating from the kitchen, specifically the sink. Knowing that I have nothing in the way of gummy bears in the apartment, I am rather apprehensive as to what strange chemistry would make my dirty dishes smell so delicious.

Also, Guitar Hero Guitar Hero Guitar Hero Guitar Hero. Sweet Jesus. Hours fly by and I'm left at the end of the day bewildered, satisfied and totally in love with Ziggy Stardust. Oh Spanish Castle Magic, I love you too, baby.

-Tyrus Peace


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