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55 - And Their Trees Were Taller Than the Sky.
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55 - And Their Trees Were Taller Than the Sky.
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No one's checking today anyway, right? - 26 Dec 2005 01:23 am

No one's made that gag before. John Swift? Go eat a baby.

A good dozen+ hours have been spent in the general position of working on the comic this weekend, but given the amount of time,I doubt that much of that actually went towards productive endeavors. I try to remember just what happened in that interim and my mind looks at me with annoyance before rolling over and going back to sleep. There's evidently a comic drawn now, though. My parents' desktop is bewildered and seemingly pained by the coloring endeavors taking place on its circuity boards. Given my location, such suffering is necessary as my laptop's USB ports totally got deaded.

I've been advised to get a buffer going on multiple occasions, but then I'd have to wait to show it to you fellas. I'd much rather share it early if I get it done early. Apologies for the tardiness, though. I fell asleep this morning because I am a lacking and pitiful being. I hope to sleep this week that I might I have the vigor and attention span necessary for pursuits of this nature in the future. Me and sleep are going to rock the house.

I hope your Christmases were merry. Given the lacking seasonal flavor of this comic, I will link you to a Christmas on Mars doodle I made last week. Enjoy the remainder of your holiday.

-Tyrus Peace


Look what I found. - 26 Dec 2005 01:42 am

An album by the 8bitpeoples which is entirely recompositions of the Beverly Hill Cop theme? Hell yes. The perfect soundtrack for those late nights shovin' bananas in tail pipes with Axel.

-Tyrus Peace


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