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166 - Time Cops, Page 11: A Hell of a Drug
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166 - Time Cops, Page 11: A Hell of a Drug
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Deus Ex Machina - 01 Dec 2008 05:20 am

I really do feel that I'm at the point with these comics where I should be able to crank them out over the course of several hours, but it definitely takes a solid day + a few hours for me. Discouraging. The painting for these comics is something that needs to snowball from a gently tumbling mote of stubborn ambition into a deadly, gargantuan sphere of genuine enthusiasm. Splitting up the work across multiple days does not facilitate such mores.

Snow Patrol - Somewhere a Clock is Ticking was my comicking mantra song this week. I'm sure my fiancee appreciated my looping it dozens of times while she was trying to sleep.

I am going to try and go comic only for my free time until this Time Cops story line is finished. These pages are too hilariously complicated for the comic to get updated weekly otherwise. Also, I learned to count today and realized that I'm on page 11 of Time Cops, not 8. My mind is a ferocious math tiger.

There were a few things I was surprised to enjoy this week:

Bolt sounded like a funny enough premise for a Disney movie when I saw the trailer, but my cheese-sensors went off so I wrote it off initially. Mr. Copper said he lubbed it, though, so I figured I ought to rock that shit. It kicked ass, and was even worth having to sit through an ad for Ben10 beforehand. Intense.

Pushing Daisies is another thing I thought had an intriguing concept but never got around to watching until now. I blame my lack of cable, and the lack of the ad's ability to convey the ridiculously adorable and hilarious characters/narration. It's rather off putting that the second season will be its last.

-Tyrus Peace


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