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135 - It's so obvious.
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135 - It's so obvious.
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The last two months of Not Included have been spent beating up Apollo. - 01 Oct 2007 08:52 am

How am I still awake? This is silly.

Earlier today I read all of John Dies at the End that is available online. I'm certainly jonesing for a purchase of the already published novel, but I'll hold off on that when the prospect of losing hours to a well written, hilarious book is slightly less horrifying for my schedule.

Buttersafe and Pictures For Sad Children (by Mr. Stevie might be a bear maybe!) are two comics which advertised here that I've been meaning to recommend myself for some time now. I find them both rather enjoyable.

-Tyrus Peace


Custom sounds in Progeny - 02 Oct 2007 03:23 am

Reader Robert Lavery sent me a pretty simple, but pretty great sounding sound set for Progeny which simply consists of the original sounds reversed. Video!

Revver mangles the sound slightly where the video displays text, which is odd.

Higher quality WMV

This sound set and the Progeny alpha 0.5 are both available at Progeny's site. I'll update the site with user sound sets as I receive them.

-Tyrus Peace


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