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133 - Violence
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133 - Violence
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It is impossible to draw guns that large without feeling kind of creepy. - 09 Sep 2007 07:47 pm

(2:03:27 AM) cheesehound: man, I wish I was lazy enough about this to use gradients for backgrounds.
(2:05:58 AM) DresdenCodak: don't do that
(2:06:07 AM) DresdenCodak: gradients are the dark side
(2:06:28 AM) DresdenCodak: why don't you use the dodge and burn tool while you're at it?
(2:06:37 AM) DresdenCodak: and comic sans!
(2:07:00 AM) cheesehound: sounds like the kind of comic I'd draw for a suicide note.
(2:07:18 AM) cheesehound: all havin' a lineart stick figure frownin' and hangin' from a clipart noose.

It is entirely unreasonable that I finished drawing this within two sittings. I am going to go outside for a moment, and then I will remember that it is hot outside, and I will notice that I smell. Then I will shower.

I've neglected to mention a couple of excellent live shows I've been to recently. The first was courtesy of Bishop Allen, while the second was provided by the bitchin' Okkervil River. I am rather certain that Okkervil River is now my favorite band to see live. They do folksy things. They do rockin' things. It works well on stage.

This had me attempting to rock to Phil Collins, which is decidedly impossible for all but one, perhaps two, of his songs, and this is just funny.

-Tyrus Peace


Progeny alpha 0.5 released - 18 Sep 2007 06:31 am

I've released a public alpha of Progeny for Windows PCs. The more people that test it and fill out the accompanying feedback survey, the better. If you could help with that, it would be thoroughly appreciated.

For a better idea of what Progeny's all about, feel free to peruse the current readme.

-Tyrus Peace


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