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91 - We are always visitors.
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Text would have made it too sappy. - 11 Sep 2006 02:10 am

I added a switch and LED to a Tamagotchi today. When I flick the switch it blinks a light instead of beeping. Oh yeah. There was no room for a backlight.

In other Ty and technology news, I put an Ubuntu install CD into my ancient 200 mHz computer, booted, nothing happened, and I was officially out of ideas.

Dear Portia Groves,

I write you today to inform you of a terrific opportunity in the sexy mans market. Josh McVey, a sexy man whose sexy manliness you may have been privy to at one time, currently happens to be both maddeningly desirable and maddeningly desiring you. Being the possessor of dangerous amounts of pure animal magnetism, he cannot contact you directly for fears of sending you into a paralytic state with his unparalleled wiles. Therefore I now act as a funnel for conveying his wants to you at a more manageable and less dangerous rate.

Stop a moment and recall, if the image is somehow not already indelibly imprinted upon your conscious mind: the flowing locks, the muttony chops, the Cheshire grin of Josh McVey. The man can flex his muscles hard enough to tear shirts that he's not even wearing, and yet this manly manliness admits that he misses your beloved ways. Truly your faculties must be engaged by the awe inspiring nature of this. It may well feel as though an inhabitant of Olympus is coming down from his beclouded realm to abduct you from the world of humanity, but please remember that the Josh is one inexorably attached to humanity. Indeed, this is likely his greatest trait, and his greatest reason for missing yourself.

I ask you now to please act safely after reading this. Knowing that one such as Master McVey desires your company may well result in an unbearable urge to run barefoot from state to state simply to bathe in his magnificence, but I ask you to act in moderation. Perhaps a phone call or uttered words of fondness might quell the growing flames within.

Good luck Portia,

Tyrus Peace

I am proud to announce the exciting new Not Included love letter service. Please write your checks to

-Tyrus Peace


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