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9 - Mother Knows Best
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9 - Mother Knows Best
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Power outage fun - 27 Jan 2005 11:19 am

The power went out around midnight. Because of a rather impressive workload and the fact that I didn't start this comic early as I should have, it took me until now to get the comic's lines done once the power came back on around six. I post this as a proof of life before I head off into the wilds. I will likely pass into a coma once I return, but upon awaking I will present a properly colored comic and regale you with tales of my outlandish journeys.

Class started five minutes ago.

-Tyrus Peace


Stumbling sober - 29 Jan 2005 08:41 am

I once had the misfortune of being given a Furby, which I promptly stuck in a closed bag in a closet, assuming that would stop its incessant babbling. In the nether regions of the night its murmurs would suddenly pierce the silence, abolishing any thoughts of sleep as I awaited whatever curse the little devil wished upon me from its lonesome prison.

I post now because I have colored the comic. Click here and refresh until the colored version shows up if it is still lacking hues.

I nearly did this comic in pencils, as the power came on and went back off a few minutes after on multiple occasions. The fans clicked and whirred. The toilets flushed in joyful tandem to welcome the coming of light to their tiled abode. Suddenly, horribly, the bulbs dimmed and the fans let out a whining sigh as they slowed to a stop. I was beginning to doubt that the electricity would return in time. I am glad that I did not complete this comic in such graphitic fashion.

There was an empty car burrowed into the side of the transformer. Perhaps it was attempting to make a nest for its young.

-Tyrus Peace


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