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84 - Nice Mustache
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84 - Nice Mustache
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Puppy cannons were officially ruled not-weapons in 1985. - 24 Jul 2006 10:08 pm

I do not plan to make this tardiness a habit. I probably shouldn't have written the text below, but I share it now out of bemusement at my own product.


"You have the right to remain silent. You have the right not to make me chase your lousy ass into the fucking Dark Ages. You have the right to be kicked in the face."

""Jesus, Stone. You been watchin' that Lethal Weapon shit again?"

"Shut up, man. I like that show."

"Shit that's more than a hundred years old ain't worth spendin' time on unless it's actually enlightening. Watching a suicidal guy eat dog biscuits for two hours is not enlightening."

"That was like a minute of the show, Palmer. Don't bitch at me if you can't appreciate a historical view of the responsibilities of policing."

They are taking the Carver."

"Did you see them?"

"They fell from the sky."

"Dammit Stone, we got spectators."

"Have you come to save us?"

"Do you bring the word of God?"

"Shit, don't go lookin' at any random fucker that falls out the sky for religion. You've got the word of God as much as I do. Oh, oh, don't go lookin' all self important, man. That was a big you. You're all fuckin' boddhisatvas spoutin' the path to nirvana. Just get a learn on the listenin' and thinkin' part."

"Stone, it's the fifteenth century. I don't think these guys know Buddhism, and they sure as hell ain't ready for this postmodern shit."

"They don't know the fucking f-word, either, and I'm thinkin' this shit's more enlightenment with a bit of post modern flavor."

"Goddammit Stone, you're the worst time cop ever."

-Tyrus Peace


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