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66 - A Unique Flavor
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66 - A Unique Flavor
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Perhaps it would rhyme better with o'stasis. - 12 Mar 2006 02:05 pm

Jimmy L'Fuego had been in the industry for years. He'd seen every position and setting imaginable, and couldn't imagine Passion Ninjas 5 being anything he wasn't prepared for.

After five hours of smoke bombs and nunchchucks, Jimmy L'Fuego was afraid.

The comic is a bit late, mostly because I felt like wasting my first day of spring break, and partly because I feared the task I'd lain out for myself last week. The raddest toilet ever? I had images of gleaming monstrosities with pipes and nozzles galore in my head, a veritable water park of tubing for the flushing of waste, but when it came down to a concrete concept grounded in something more than the aesthetic realm which would in itself lead to radness, I had nothing on that.

I went to a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show on Friday night. I'd been lured with promises of Elefant, who played a good show, and was moderately annoyed that a two band bill was costing me fifteen dollars until BRMC started playing. They never stopped. Except when they did. Which was after three hours of playing, one hour of which was an encore. I'm fairly certain they've hardly published three hours of music. They are the kind of folksy bluesy rock that is exponentially more rockin' live, but I also find their recordings rather choice.

I almost forgot to mention that Minus is a nice comic and you should give it a read or two or three. I was afear'd it'd die off after the first couple as that was what the author predicted, but it's still comin' and I'm still lovin' it.

-Tyrus Peace


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