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6 - Nerves
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6 - Nerves
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And we all had mittens for hands - 16 Jan 2005 07:19 am

Continuity will be more sporadic in the future. There are just some things which must be addressed.

There are now forums for you to post in if you so desire. They weren't exactly necessary, but my free days during the semester are likely numbered. I spent much of last Friday getting these running, just in case.

Packing/moving back to the college dorms was delayed by my desire to finish doing the sketch work for this comic before leaving. It was quite a task getting everything back into the room. My belongings remain scattered about like the lost parcels of a drunken stork; tiny plastic bags strewn about with knots tied at their tops. I certainly hope the stork uses a cotton blend for babies.

While moving things back into place in the room I pressed upon the face of my roommate's stereo. It quickly displayed "15Pts", to which I responded by turning it off and on again. Numbers twirl in order, three wide, much like a confused numeric slot machine, before they stop, one after the other, and a point value is displayed. These numbers start and stop of their own accord, calculating our fates 'til doomsday. 4-6-9 is worth 8 points.

-Tyrus Peace


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