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52 - Moo FTW
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52 - Moo FTW
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Lots of everything. - 04 Dec 2005 07:25 am

Apollo was last mentioned about four months ago. My bad.

The store has been updated with a bevy of new prints, including the option to get a print of any Not Included comic on an 11"x17" sheet. This comic's rather ungainly height will result in a rather tiny print if you order it. I imagine this isn't the best of timing for the longest Not Included yet.

One last push before the semester's done. Good luck to anyone in similar straits.

Watchin' him on TV,
Watchin' the computer,
Killin' all them Nazis
In every kind of shooter.

Try to tell the man
That the war is done and over,
A generation past
Marked with bodies stone and brass.

But nostalgia's burnin' bright
And it's eatin' all my light,
Sayin',"Don't you miss when it was easy
To tell who was wrong and who was right?"

Shootin' all the Nazis,
Shootin' all the Japs,
Good versus evil
Was the loveliest of times.

Learn it all through war reels,
See so you can feel.
Victory and righteous cause
Give the killin' mass appeal.

Oh, I miss those good ol' days.
Boys killin' boys
To keep that devil at bay.

Evil wearin' uniforms,
Keepin' things so cut and clean,
All painted out in film and light
On that canvas they've been seen.

But now we're shootin' shadows,
Lookin' for them in the dark,
Wishin' for those glory years
When good and evil were so stark.

Nations marked as demons
For our templar sons to burn,
But now we know their people.
They live, they grow, they yearn.

Is it because of the Internet?
Or is it just TV?
Bring me back those simple days
When it was just my ignorance and me.

I read this, pondered on what could make people follow such trends, and then remembered that it was called stupidity.

-Tyrus Peace


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