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48 - What a coincidence.
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48 - What a coincidence.
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The dude's got instincts. - 08 Nov 2005 04:57 am

The site's been up and down all weekend, but this comic is late because I am just now free, although this is stolen time. Weekends have become a nightmarish, hulking thing. It is built of suffering and runs on sweat and tears.

I look forward to an end to the actiony frenzy and a return to a more carefree brand of surreality in the comic, but this story does have a fair bit to go before I can return to that.

I had a box of Cran Vanilla Crunch in my pantry which simply would not die, and the stuff was atrocious. For months, day in, day out, I'd open the door and that damnable box would be there. Its uneaten contents would guilt me into eating a bowl in a futile attempt to empty it. I finally ate the last of it tonight, and now that I've moved on to better boxes I can say that Boo Berry receives a satisfied nod of approval.

Thanks for reading. You're such a pussy.

-Tyrus Peace


Talk like an oil spill. - 08 Nov 2005 07:43 pm

As part of our group project, friend Tony has written a bad words filter, and it would be most appreciated if you could help test it out and mail him any words you manage to get past it or any errors you get. Instructions are on the page. Either way, I figure cussing at a machine isn't the least appealing of activities, although I must say that Smarterchild occasionally proved a bit more responsive to my filthy words.

-Tyrus Peace


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