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41 - Nice splash.
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41 - Nice splash.
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Words were unnecessary. - 18 Sep 2005 08:24 am

"Your car is white!" he said, alerting my bumbling morning consciousness to something I thought was reasonably common knowledge. Upon further inspection, though, I found that the flour coating my vehicle made things far whiter than usual.

I scoured the surface, looking for tiny paw prints in the powder that I might track them back to the lair of the little fiends which had covered it in the fine dust with such thrilling efficacy. Dozens of mice must have spent the entire night diligently shoveling and smoothing out the stuff to achieve such a wonderfully consistent dispersion. Their dedication is astounding.

This comic was done at far higher resolution than usual that it might be made into a large print if so desired. I'd like to say that this is the final version for the print, as well, but I'll leave that verdict 'til morning.

-Tyrus Peace


I am worthless. - 25 Sep 2005 02:48 am

I. O.U. one comic, to be paid later in the week. I will show you the cause of my tardiness then, but for now please accept my apologies.

-Tyrus Peace


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