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39 - Gratitude
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39 - Gratitude
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like it was planned since the dawn of time - 04 Sep 2005 07:43 am

I will have a difficult time buying maple syrup in the store again when it is surrounded by eminently tasty and cheaper alternatives such as blueberry syrup. Hot damn that stuff sits pretty on waffles.

I don't think I've eaten waffles before midnight within the past year.

Ocean Floor pleasantly surprised me with an excellent violinist who's apparently been in the band far longer than I've known of their existence. Splendid stuff which I am unable to find any linkage for. Apologies to the vast majority of you who will continue to have no idea what I am writing of, although I imagine such is the case rather frequently, regardless of Tempe local music references.

The 40 Year Old Virgin also owns an Atomic Robot Man. Coupled with the unexpected Hair reference near the end of the film, I feel an unsettling kinship with the eponymous character.

Isaac Newton was a virgin and a bad man. He invented calculus and wanted to burn his mother. He invented calculus. Or stole it from a fine German fellow. The German did not want to practice pyrotic matricide, but I am sure he had issues, too. Anyone that invents calculus has got to have some mad issues.

-Tyrus Peace


Katrina - 04 Sep 2005 08:10 am

I tend to ignore the bad things that go on in the world in these little posts, and I break that habit now.

The view of the disaster from overseas - Not exactly favorable (Thanks to Ananth for linking this somewhere I could find it.)
Survival of New Orleans blog - This blog of a DirectNIC crisis manager in New Orleans has been a rather prevalent source of info on the human side of the situation since it got /.'d a couple days back.
million+ in donations on since they got around to making a donation page for those who'd like to support the Red Cross in their relief efforts. That's up at least half a million since I checked it twelve hours ago.

-Tyrus Peace


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