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37 - Mulling
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37 - Mulling
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Always in the East - 21 Aug 2005 09:49 am

I said I was going to sleep and work on the comic when I was once again awake, but then I decided to be a filthy liar and finish it now.

My week long vacation is quick drawing to a close, with a new semester at school and the return of work stowed away in the creaking belly of the next week. I attempt to dam the flow of the oncoming torrent with various crafty diversions, but time is shorter whenever it is checked upon. I hear that tends to be the case.

crafty diversion

I hope to have the flower lamp done by the end of tomorrow or some other day.

There is cheesecake flavored Pocky. Holy crap. It is actually flavored like Japanese cheesecake, not normal cheesecake. There is a hint of lemon and the flavor of fluffiness, which is not something I imagined had a flavor until I tasted it replicated in candy coating. As friend Nathan says, Japanese junk food is wonderfully precise.

I saw Murderball twenty one halves of an hour ago and found it to be a thoroughly well done documentary which seemed to portray those involved in a touchingly and brutally sincere light. The soundtrack occasionally reminded me that MTV had something to do with the production of the film, but it receives most vigorous accolades, regardless. I was thrilled to see it was suddenly playing at my local theater after being buried in an art cinema across town for weeks. I hope that this new prominent placement may be the case in other locales, as well.

-Tyrus Peace


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