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31 - Troy is dead.
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31 - Troy is dead.
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I also sang to the dogs. - 10 Jul 2005 09:50 am

I spent all day drivin' to the sun,
Only to find I was goin' the wrong way.

I spent all night tryin' to fall right out your arms,
Only to find I could never get too low.

At least half an hour went by while I belted out those lines in the shower for no particular reason. The weekend is a sacred thing.

Did you catch the Friday night extra comic extravaganza?

Two hours of my life passed wandering through IKEA today. Plastic forced into garish forms wailed for its tortured fate, begging that my roommate and I sit within their misshapen depths that we might share in their discomfort. We found a rather appealing dinner table and a fine set of cheap chairs which I believe will make wonderful seats once proper padding is lain upon them.

My words are more plentiful in this vivid dream post. Do please participate if you have a dream of your own to share.

-Tyrus Peace


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