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187 - A Facade
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187 - A Facade
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ty >> comic; - 30 Aug 2010 06:38 am

I wish that the other crafts I did felt like I was outputting a significant chunk of self each time I did them, but that's simply not the case. Making a game? Code, code, art assets, get a prototype going, and maybe a year later I'll get to speak, tell a story, but probably not, 'cause this thing be multiplayer.

The art's a blast to do, but the repetition, the extremely high ratio of things drawn to appended meaning, it leaves me behind.

The PNG for this comic was 2 megs. I'm bleary-eyed enough to think that the JPG compression is unnoticeable with my leet settings; howl if you'd rather have the PNG.

I drew this comic in ArtRage. It's pretty nice, but there's an obvious detail hit and it seems to make these things incredibly slow to produce. Your thoughts'd be appreciated, two dudes that still read this.

-Tyrus Peace


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