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184 - Explorers
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184 - Explorers
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Objects of interest, etc. - 03 May 2010 02:46 am

This has been done for quite some time, but I was fiddling, adding more things to the background, etc. I liked it simpler. This is what I sent off to the printer. GIMP has started showing incorrect colors on my Mac, which results in some truly off-putting color changes happening when I save the final image. Things are displayed correctly (and are thus correctable) in Windows, but it looks like it's time for me to buy a cheap Wacom so I can get Photoshop Elements for less than a hundo. I'm boring as hell when I talk shop. Just imagine I wrote about bears with jetpacks vs. robot MacGyver instead.

SC2 makes me nostalgic for many wasted nights 10 years ago. Except I suck slightly less this time.

-Tyrus Peace


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