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182 - Real
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182 - Real
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Not Included dot net does not encourage unsolicited gropage. - 17 Mar 2010 04:19 am

It takes me too long to do these things. My mind is not fast enough to create. My mind, my mind.

I took a couple days of Angie's spring break off. It was hellaciously enjoyable. A solid monthish of rain has caused strange things to happen this spring. There is green. On the ground.

We have a coupon for a free canvas print. My goal: a 16x20" digital painting for the living room. I am trying to remember how to paint things, but my visual imagination has proven to be an emaciated, hissing, thing. Perhaps I have already seen all that can be. Perhaps I really should paint Angie riding a tiger whilst kicking a jetpack bear in the throat. That could be all I've got.

I have found your next wallpaper.

-Tyrus Peace


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