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139 - Hate Ghost
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139 - Hate Ghost
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This is why I like muted pallettes. - 12 Nov 2007 06:52 am

On 138:I have an odd habit of ending story lines with hideously bright comics. Apologies. The saturated colors seem to intoxicate me, leaving my judgement maimed until later days.

I suppose lazy weekends are the norm for many, but man alive they ain't a thing I need be havin' at this stage in my life. These are the years where a man ought to be wringin' his fate out of Old Man Sky's greasy beard and bitch slappin' tigers on the side. I am not ready for rest. Not now. It boils my blood and bubbles my vigor away. Give me bad eyes, an aching back, and a herd of screeching offspring. Then I'll be ready.


I am fairly certain this is old hat, but if you haven't seen the claymation movie The Adventures of Mark Twain, I heartily recommend this creepy clip.

-Tyrus Peace


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