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137 - Pretty
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137 - Pretty
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Shiny things - 14 Oct 2007 10:16 pm

Two hours of my life were traded in for tassels. Lines, surveys, clerks. While I don't think it was quite a fair trade, I've traded my time away for far more trivial things. Wasting time is hilarious because you die at the end.

I bought Radiohead's In Rainbows this weekend, and it's thoroughly terrific. As the price is something decided by the purchaser, I'd say it's worth checking out. Reckoner is a chillingly delicious bit of soul which neatly encapsulates the haunting, thrilling sound that the band is all about.

-Tyrus Peace


Progeny alpha 0.6 released - 22 Oct 2007 03:12 am

You can download the latest release of Progeny here.

As always, your alpha feedback and custom sound sets will be most appreciated.

This preview video does a pretty good job of showing the features added to the latest release of Progeny:

Change log:
+Added Oniap sound set by Robert Lavery
+Added selection, genesis, fertilizer, and kill tools
+Added optional size parameter in the settings.ini file
+Spawn functions now spawn animals at mouse coords, or randomly if the cursor isn't on grid.
+Improved plant graphics/performance
+Fixed bug where prey would sometimes gain health from a predator's attack

-Tyrus Peace


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