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130 - Ferrin gets crass.
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130 - Ferrin gets crass.
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The gorilla would apologize profusely for the window and politely ask for a copy of the latest National Geographic. - 23 Jul 2007 05:09 am

For this weekend and the next, I will be in the midst of moving into a new apartment. Hopefully my more manic state will result in some entertaining output.

The Little Deviant ad campaign may just be the worst advertising campaign in recent memory. Ignoring for a moment the idea that purchasing a factory customized Scion kindles some latent flame of self-worth and originality, the site's interactive content centers around killing "Sheeple", who are, y'know, drab, and using their dismembered body parts to decorate your car. And the controls suck. If I'm going to be genocidin' a fictional race of people for being boring while willfully playing a car advertisement, it should at least be fun to play. Honestly, people.

-Tyrus Peace


Updates, more like upnodates, amirite? - 06 Aug 2007 04:12 am

During the next few weeks I will be working on my thesis far more than I have been, so the comic will likely update infrequently until at least the end of the month. I've got what I've fooled myself into believing are some damn good ideas for what to do with the comic after the close of this story line, but it seems those plans will be moderately delayed at best.

It may well happen that I enter a manic state following days of coding and spit out comics on time regardless in the future, but I doubt such will be the case this week. Thanks for reading. Thanks for your patience.

-Tyrus Peace


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