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13 - You'd never see it coming.
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13 - You'd never see it coming.
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It might Be more Cohesive - 20 Mar 2005 05:15 am

After a great deal of time I've decided to stop waiting for the old url to rise from the ashes and got a new domain and host, which results in rather speedy load times and an actual website. Tiny things, such as updating the address on various parts of the site, evidently still need to take place, but the move should be mostly seemless overall.

[written 3-17-05]

The King of Hearts put down his knives and looked about in a confused fashion, his vision and mind still whirling from the bending, blinding madness of a few moments before. Where his wife and child had been were a lowly eight of diamonds and the loathsome Queen of Spades. God, that woman was repulsive. The King of Hearts picked up his knives.

Things with the site may be progressing. They likely aren't. I hope for the best.

-Tyrus Peace


Incoming - 26 Mar 2005 06:45 am

If you've noticed, the update schedule of this comic has changed to weekly rather than twice a week. Apologies. Excuses.

I went to an anime convention today, which I admittedly entered with rather apprehensive expectations. In reality I got to watch Yoshitaka Amano sign my copy of The Dreamcatchers with a wandering landscape of confusing scribbles. It appears as if there is a whale in one area, while another looks like a map of the southwestern coast of California. There are waves and two viking ships are leaving the coast, undoubtedly to sack the Hawaiian islands. The Nordsmen of the San Diego Tri-City area are truly a vicious breed.

The comic's linework was finished tonight, and I will have the colors finished tomorrow. I have to be up at a reasonable hour in order to observe two desired events at the convention tomorrow (I may watch a trifecta of discussions in order to earn up to 3% extra credit for a class - if only such bountiful caches of credit were available for all courses). I have decided it is important to be of proper consciousness for this as they were sold out of tickets today and I had to go in cognito to see Amano; I will likely have to be a ninja of the highest degree tomorrow. The bear traps and razor wire which litter the halls of the convention will be of no consequence to my stealthy, awkwardly toe-socked self.

I look to have comics up by Saturday regularly after this week.

-Tyrus Peace


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