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123 - Handbrake
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123 - Handbrake
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The show goes on despite my maladroit memory. - 28 May 2007 09:54 pm

During the clay madness of last week, I somehow managed to lose both the work in progress file for this comic and the pen for my wacom tablet. The above update comes to you courtesty of a horrifying world with no undo.


It had seemed a reasonable decision. My triple A card was decidedly unused and I'd no idea where I could get a tire this late in the day. The freeway howled; its myriad eyes rumbled past as an unseasonably cool evening passed me by. Despite my half-hearted rationale, the shame soon set in. How would I explain myself? A perfectly fine spare awaited my industrious hand, and here I was waiting for a tow. Men oughtn't behave like this. Real men fucking love changing tires. I should have put on the spare by now, and perhaps found some wild beast to maim and drag home for sustenance. Hell, I had time. I could put the spare on before he even got here. Then he'd see.

No, no. That would just look desperate.

He wore the beard of a viking and a shirt that said his name was James. His voice bellowed from beneath the car.

"Sometimes I think the only reason nobody hits me is because I'm so damn large."

The tow cable's hook clicked and he squeezed out from underneath the car before shuffling out of traffic.

"'sgood thing about being fat. If they hit me I'll do some serious damage."

James smiled and wiped off his hands.

-Tyrus Peace


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