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121 - Some guys just aren't cat people.
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121 - Some guys just aren't cat people.
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It's all fun and games until you get shot in the face. - 06 May 2007 11:37 pm

Yeah son, now everythin's your fault
From the beginnin' to the end.
If you'd been a better boy
History never woulda happened.

The holocaust,
The Kennedys,
We'd be so much better off
If you'd been a stronger man,
If you'd not been such a sloth.

But damn, you were so weak and slow,
Just look at what we lost.

I was terribly afraid that I'd written some Modest Mouse lyrics in there, but hey, I didn't. Score.

I was entirely planning on having two comics for you this weekend, but I got a bit... ambitious with the coloring and that went to the wayside. Also, I spent about six hours trying to resurrect my computer/wacom tablet. Note: leaving Windows on for days with all of the security services disabled is a bad idea.

The latest Opera and IE7 updates seem to've decided that this site's comment tab isn't something worth keeping open for more than half a second, which is an issue I'll attempt to address in the near future. Also, I added a rotating "recommended pages" header to the site filled with comics which are enjoyable free of context, unlike this rather unwieldly storyline. Honestly, let's see how much longer I can keep winding this up. Captain Planet's going to join the fray in the next page, then maybe the Burger King Kid's Crew.

-Tyrus Peace


Man down, man down. - 16 May 2007 01:01 am

One might wonder where I've disappeared to. While a new job and the graduation of close friends conspired to decrease time spent on the comic, I'd prepared grand things rather far in advance. Too bad it ended up looking like ass.

I am working to improve the situation, but that may well take time I do not have during this portion of the week.

-Tyrus Peace


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