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116 - Aw, hell.
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116 - Aw, hell.
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Pull it back like a penny racer. - 29 Mar 2007 02:49 am

I split the comic for this week in two as the pacing was rather rough otherwise. Pacing? Ha! You know I don't worry about silly things like that. Humor me.

Try as I might, I can't draw anything that looks quite as good as this flat color style. The next page will follow suit, but I've no guarantees after that point.

My past is something I approach with bemusement and wonder. Dusty relics I know more from the words of others than my own memories are in every corner of my consciousness, waiting for the trivial reminder that might make them real again. The realization that this period of my life will soon have a similar fate gives me a moment's pause.

Wait. Just a second. I'm not done pausing yet.

-Tyrus Peace


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