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11 - A Glittering Cacophony
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11 - A Glittering Cacophony
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I forgot to save the original title. - 20 Mar 2005 05:04 am

[brought back to you via time warp from feb 4 2005]

It seems that electricity is not fond of my comic shenanigans. The data center that this site's server is in suffered a power failure over the weekend, literally hours before I planned to backup the site, although I likely would have forgotten to regardless. It was down from the start of Monday to late Thursday night. My memories of the comic faded in its absence, soon replaced with images of gibbering baboons and the distant call of water buffalo as I was naked in the wilderness again, struggling to find my way. Upon returning, the server found me shivering on a bed of ravaged grass, attempting to shield myself from the elements with a single palm frond. It had kept my things in perfect order despite being attacked by slavering power outage fiends. Held in its nest of cables and cords, I was nurtured back to health and relearned the ways of the world.

I awoke alone and free of its plastic-coated embrace, with only my memories to keep me warm. I gathered them up and stored them away that they might never be lost again.

Any messages of the electronic mail persuasion that were sent to me this week before today are lost in the ether. Resend or mourn your lost correspondence as you see fit.

-Tyrus Peace


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