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109 - Sasquatch
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109 - Sasquatch
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I've been looping Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna for three days now. Soooooul power. - 05 Feb 2007 07:19 am

Sanity is a very depletable resource. Remember kids, you're all crazy as shit.


This weekend I threw a rather enjoyable lasagna bake off.

We are the champions.

I also committed a decent chunk of my weekend to the Superbowl, or rather, chips and dips with football and amusing ads in the background. I think we're all aware of the sweet Coca-Cola ads out there, but how about the decidedly Ultramanesque GPS commercial and GM's adorably sad robot arm?

The comic update schedule's been a bit sporadic lately as I've been catching up, so if you didn't see the extra comic last Friday, you may want to go do that.

-Tyrus Peace


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